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Feeding Your Deceptions - lyrics

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In the need to belief
In someone to guide our paths
Humanity has found what we
Think it might be our salvation
Mankind has been blind by fear
In a world of cruelty
Darkness will embrace your mind
If you say their poisoned prayers

Deluded by a need of faith
I’m dismay by their dismal souls
Treacherous people wash their minds
There’s falsehood in their words
There’s no god to pray, nor miracles to wait
You are the only one that can build your fate
Decadent society, subjugated minds
I can’t understand how we let this happen
Devoid of your own thoughts
You are force to swallow all their fairy tales
You have made the questions
But they can’t give you answers
You're capitalized
With money of the damned
Trying to wash their sins
Feeding your deception

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