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Four Volcanic Winds - lyrics

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Wandering through the forest of the wilted darkened dreams
Soaring trees are whispering a mellow luscious ode
The wails of a father are merging with the dreary night
To the city of Arydehg he must arrive
Three entire days he walked through the dim redeeming trees
Not a drop of water, he is empowered by his vehement wrath
Just a fervent thought is swimming in the glare of the night
To find the passage of the four volcanic winds
He arrived to find the slumber of the quiet city
Like carried and protected by the lava spewing mountains
Every thirteen days the city is cover in warm ash and haze
Like vigilantes, four volcanoes are surrounding it
Trough the calm and drowsy city lies a trail with toxic smokes
Where the Karrgaf demon escaped to lead a human life
A fetid sulfur stench in the 7 meters black clay gate
Moss-clad stairs in the path of death
Stalagmites formed in the cold and grim tunnel
That lies where the crustal plates can’t collide
Violently and rabidly are rumbling the screams of the souls
Of the murderers, the rapists, the sinners
Puddles of clotted blood, curtains of fire
Ghastly winged horned beasts flying free
Several demons are keeping the gates
Of the chamber of the master Ombrrak Hattam
I demand the presence of Ombrrak
For I desire to speak with him
Sharp and large bones from his arms started to emerge
Prongs from his jaws, he transformed into Karrgaf
Spawning a torment of lava, his fire belching jaws calcined the souls of the fiends
Crushing with his massive claws and piling them into heaps of demons skulls
Come here and fight! I know that you took away from me my daughter and wife
The only people I ever loved and I’m willing to die to have them back
Vulcan rage
Rapid death
Magma spits
Puddles of clotted blood, curtains of fire
Scorched ghastly winged beasts lying inert
All inferior demons died burned at his massive attack
At the chamber of Ombrrak Hattam
The mirth in the heart of Julian can only be found in the smile of Astrid
The bliss in the heart of the demon can only be found in the sound of the laughter of Kayghleight

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