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Project: Human - lyrics

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I opened my eyes in a dark and strange place
I’m tied to this machine, I think it’s a medical device
Three shadows appeared, I just heard a voice
As soon as I were conscious I wanted to know, so I asked
Who were they? Who were them? Where am I now?
They told me this is year 3009
I’m not sure of if it’s true but they seem so dismayed
One thousand years passed away in few hours
A dark vigilante came from outer space, he stared at our world as the mayhem occurred
The project “Human” is really complex; they gave us free will to prolong our pain
An evil creation destroying the nations
The one thing that cared us was the world corporation
When the last tree died, and the last river dried we learned that money was not edible
We pray and we pray but there was no hope, oh Mother Nature please kill us all!
They´re evil creations blasting the nations
They feed on our pain and pure devastation
Demon’s appeared in our dimension to make a deal; it was part of the plan
Our presidents are meddled in this, hiding the truth from the meekly servile
We became confined in a world that is watched by an eye that is watched by an eye
Ignorant people have blinded our judgment, we are the weakest link

“We’ll hide you, don’t worry, you’ll be safe with us”
As soon as I heard these words I passed out

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