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Rampant Maelstorm - lyrics

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The flaming cortex opened up viciously
Fumaroles leaking violently
A wretched enormous vile entity
The molten matter exploding rapidly
Foul stench of death
Violent raging fire
I will excuse thy arrogance, you priggish haughty fool
For I respect thy grittiness of facing me
I had nothing to do with your family abduction
You left this place and choose a life away from my protection
Absconded from your duty, you betrayed my trust
But I will help you finding them despite of what you have done
I guess I was maligned of taking them from you
I have no need of doing it; I could have killed you if I wanted to
Whirling as a vortex, rotational destructive fire
United in alliance, a swirl of burning flames
No longer as a human, no longer as a fiend
Instead of that a fierce spiral of fire remains
Razing with relentless passion
The monster that Julian had sworn to bury and forsake
Violent raging fire
The moon he loves now weeps
Obliterated cities
Aiming to find them alive
Violent raging
The night is the witness of his horrid crimes
Everyone is dying at the will of his might
Pursuing the bliss of a self-seeking man, thousands are dying, unmerciful fire

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