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The Resistance - lyrics

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The three shadows showed their faces, they were normal people just like us
I tried to assimilate what they just told me “We need your help!”
What kind of help can a physicist provide? I don’t know even where I am!
I’m listening to what they said, I could never have been prepared for this
We are a sect of engineers, we conform the resistance
A time machine we need to build! To stop this grizzly beasts
They took the life of our women, sons and daughters, they took it all!
We must go back in time to warn the people
I have broken the 3th dimension physics laws, I wasn’t ready for this trip, I think I’m going to puke! Ohh no!
I have broken the time barrier, I’m dizzy and weak as if my head was going to explode

The three shadows introduced themselves, they had no name but a code
HL-2914, HL-2319, HL-3218: the leaders of the clandestine command
Hidden in the underground; 50 thousand men ready to fight and die
To annihilate this horrid beasts they call “glimdeons”

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