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The Void of Reprisal - lyrics

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Tectonic plaques are torn, a rupture in the ground
Julian is falling into the void
Colossal crows fly near, viscous grey liquid drips from all the cracks of the walls
Finally landed on a rock-strewn purple lake
Writhing in pain, it was so hard to breathe
Spewing cold blood, unbearable pain
Aghast from the half meter horrid insects
A moribund mind in a destructed physique
He lies in the verge of his physical doom
He reveres to the moon and aims to the sun
Ambitions harder than steel
Lost and weak, aimlessly
Arriving suddenly
To a cold chamber with merciless cold
Crossing the trail of ice
Fear flashing in his eyes
A menacing blizzard with ruthless cold winds
Sediments rising from a pile of rocks
Detritus forming a clay hungry beast
It leaps on corpses with inhuman strength
Fierce brutal eyes
Stalagmites collide and fall, the golem rises within his lair
His blatant death Julian can see
No exit from this misery
Ruptured flesh exposing the bones, adrenaline appeased the pain
Julian has ripped the golem’s arm, voracious conflict, merciless
Ominous fierce clash, with four rows of tricuspid teeth the golem roars
Savage conflict, the ravenous beast gnawed the shattered human remnants
A hostile strike the rock beast threw
Sadistic atrocious fight
Prevalence of the strongest
Rock and fire collide
At the horizon shrouded in snow, the bodies of Astrid and Kayghleight lie dead
With seething blind rage Julian killed the beast
But no wail can be silenced with the void of reprisal

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