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Thrash Metal Iron Smash - lyrics

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No remorse, there will be no regret at all
Five minutes alone with you is all i need
I will crush your skull
And break your putrid bones
In hell you’re going to sleep
For what you have done
Thrash Metal Iron Smash!
You have killed more innocents than world war 2
Holy water cannot wash your bloody hands
I will smash your teeth and rip your fucking eyes
The sins you hide, are one way ticket to hell
Feel my anger in your face
I do not feel remorse
Where is your god?
He won’t save you this time
You’ve abused so many kids
But you’re protected by them
The ones who represent your god
And turn themselves in saints
You’ve been hiding many centuries
In the shadows of what you belief
You will fill their hearts with faith
As fire fills the skies with pain
Now it’s time for you to feel the fucking
Thrash Metal Iron Smash!!!


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