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Souldance (Ayarachis) (Feat. Mark Boals & Rol.. - lyrics

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[Voice of the souls:]
Blazing tears on my heart
Show me where to go, tell me how to find (Show me a sign)
Oh, tell me!
Who can release me from the pain? Our pain
There's a place to go...
Who holds this new power?
Ancient gods, they lead my way!
[Voice of the souls:]
Myth and legend, a tale!
Our banal desire...
I'll show you a brighter side!
[Voice of the souls:]
Mist through the sand
All souls, before...
[Voice of the souls:]
Steals our calm,
[Bastian:] ...a great, new force...
Oh, tell me!
Are her eyes crying by your side?
Is her hope still alive? For I'm on the run,
To find our way out!
[Voice of the souls:]
A spark in the shadows...
Love's a flame that can remain
Let us show you the way!
Freedom's now calling
So guide me through her eyes!
Why, oh tell me why
Beyond the sorrow of all twisted men
A light ignites within to free their...
Minds, release your minds
Burn all the fear invading you now
As the core inside the soul dance is raised again
[Solos: Grapow-Bello]

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