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The Greatest Deception - lyrics

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I am not easily fooled.
I see no difference between you and all
The others aside from you being the alpha male of
Just a different pack of wolves.
You said that this conflict would end with you,
Yet since you've come to be,
I've seen more of my friends and family sent to war.
Our economy has worsened,
Yet government spending keeps increasing.
How can a capitalist nation punish small business
With higher taxes, then like cattle,
Drive their business to the
Companies in your pockets?
Your posters line the streets like
Something's changed since you've taken office,
Yet we've seen no difference.
This country was founded on the escapism of
Trusting one man, yet now I see entire families
Hang your portrait above their dinner table.
You swore that you would better all our
Lives and children's,
Still half the middle class's earnings go to the
Federal Reserve.
The world has seen idle worship like this before;
In Nazi occupied Europe in the 30s.
This is cultism at its finest;
A wave of nations putting all their faith into your hands.
You lying bastard!
Those many suffering supported you simply to end this war.
Your charismatic features on TV screens,
Smiling softly and speaking of hope and change,
Held above their heads like a promise
To bring back their dead children.

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