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Who I Am - lyrics

If I live to be a hundred,
And never see the seven wonders,
That´ll be alright,
If I don´t make it to the big leagues,
If I never win a grammy,
I´m gonna be just fine,
´Cause I know exactly who I am.
I am Rosemary´s granddaughter,
The spitting image of my father,
When the day is done,my momma´s still my biggest fan,
Sometimes I´m clueless and I´m clumsy,
But I´ve got friends that love me,
And they know just where I stand,
It´s all a part of me,
That´s who I am.
So when I make a big mistake
When I fall flat on my face,
I know I´ll be alright,
Should my tender heart be broken,
I will cry those teardrops knowin´,
I will be just fine,
´Cause nothin´ changes who I am.
I´m a saint and I´m a sinner,
I´m a loser,I´m a winner,
I am steady and unstable,
I am young and I am able.
That´s who I am.

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