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Slice Of Life - lyrics

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Her gaze hit the side of mine
So I opened it out
To destroy what you thought was difference
So I lied to you once again
So I painted over you once again
So I die before you
What's the difference?
Come clearly where the flavor is
Seen here in black and white
You've got two seconds baby boy
In burning light white light
What's the difference?
Shivering under lampposts
Shivering under glass
You're standing on charisma again
God knows it cannot last
What's the difference?
Ice inside your body
Blood inside your soul
Yet still twelve faces stand around
Hugging your skinny bones
What's the difference?
Slice of life
And the car opened up to so much more
And the money is brighter with a wider smile
And the problem expands inside your head
I am your slice of life

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