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Radiance In The Light Of A Dying Sun - lyrics

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Light fades and I find myself with thoughts stained of desires unmet
Immersed in gloom I long for you
I long for you
Frigid feelings fester for what seems like forever I long to escape
Get me out
I find myself stirring in state of melancholy
Pulling me down by the weight of atrocities
Leave me be with my hands of destruction
The wake of understanding breaks upon the shores of calamity and slowly erodes for us all to see
The cost of affliction
Self inflicted constrictions
I am bound by these restrictions
Freeze internally
Deep in misery
Pain devours me
Sleep eternally
Clawing away
Solitude consumes me
Vacant of light
Show me sun
I shall become
Show me sun
Days in a simmering pain I spend
Trying to decipher what’s real and pretend
In circles of shame, alone I waste my days
Yearning the time spent in the arms of another
Counting the days since we’ve last seen each other
I can’t erase the past
I wish that love would last and now I know it’s too late to say sorry
In the moments that are fading I am feeling numb
In the moments that are fading I am feeling numb
We’re all screaming internally
Eyes see right through my being
Love will you please show me?
Pressing onward to the setting sun
My heart weeps to find someone
Lonely nights hold me tenderly
Left cold to wilt
Show me sun

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