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I’m seeing clear, straight through our lies
Your ignorance has left you blind
I hate the way you run and hide
I’ll show you how a coward dies
Enter the void, destroyed, devoid, paranoid
From reaping us, to eating us, leaving us screaming
It’s enough
It’s a problem, you’ve been spewing about ignorant bigotry
Disconnection, sever the heads of the serpents
and the carcass shall dissolve
Thinning of the heard, through greed
and the resonance of archaic malevolence
You bastardize the worth of life and judge only in ignorance,
but I have heard of enough of it
You sit upon a throne that in which is built of rot
I’ll watch as you crawl through your servitude
This world is weeping It fucking sickens me, to see man’s true nature
Power driven weaponry
Alive with no feeling, in constant shallow breathing
No remorse today
Fuck the population
I want to slit your throat, stomp on in that fucking grin
Feel the sockets of your eyes
Underneath my finger tips
Every single second of every single day
Your waves of pain and misery are devastating the masses in every way
Smothered in smoke this world fades to grey
Grieving the tears of agony and all of the breathing cease in this haze
You rape, torture, murder and destroy like you are numb
To death I send
Wash thee, cleanse thee of all of this filth
Forgive me for I know no better way
How can we live with ourselves?
I observe the wretches of the earth
Exploit, ignore, betray
As they waste away into decay
Witness the end to all we have and oh, we're all to blame
Yet when the dust settles and the sun can shine
Desolation is all that we left behind
Fuck the population
We all deserve to die
Kill every single human being
Erase the human race
Parasitic vermin, cast them to the shadows
As we send them to the slaughter
Waste them all like cattle
Is it too late to turn away?
Will our race remain or will we fade away?
I am the curse of earth
And so are you, amassed unspoken lies
Burying what's true
We are the curse of earth
A nature to consume, razing over the lands
To seek a purpose through
Witness the end to all we have and oh, we're all to blame
Yet when the dust settles and the sun can shine
Nothing deserves to breathe in life
We can't remain this way
So may this be our fate

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Unholy Alliance (Split with A Night In Texas)

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