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Kiss With a Spell - lyrics

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If I end up alone
Across the barren sand dunes
I see my true self
I am burning inside for you
Live in a curse
lost in desire
your touch
I can not hurt
I can not cry, I can not.. I am numb
Don't say it
Don't say it loud
Don't say it
Don't say it now
Ohhh- I know I came in here myself
To here and ever after
Ohhh- you sent me a kiss, with a spell
I fear the ever after
A sting to the eyes
The trace here of you,
Still has bite
It can weaken the legs
buckle knees
In a fight
Ohhh- I pray like the kids do in hell
A child and a master
Ohhh- I know that I injured myself
Again and ever after

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