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Deliverance In A Narrow Frame - lyrics

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When ages yet to come have run their round
When present times look back,
trying to meet the past
I can deliver only me
Then I'll be the one who needs
When men with humble hearts
Are dead and lay in dust
Take the world and all that will
No sooner come but gone still greed
Acquaintance short, yet parting us
You feel no grief as I no harm
And at the end will you save my withered soul?
Pain makes you think, I am alone, I said to myself
I don't know the one who’d
brake the frames where the eyes are hollow
As years passed before my birth,
Liberties unleash the peace
Skies are crossed and minds are cried,
No sense in grief for life is blind
For life is blind, for life is blind
They call me friend but now tears go to gore
Where were the men who laughed
while the blood was running?

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