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Fall of the aging frauds
Laid down to the lowest drama
Coin for an obtrusive deception
Seated in the models of glamour
Tinsel selves, insipid minds
The prose of existence hangs like a stone
Jagged hearts, stagnant souls
Roots of thoughts die all alone
Hollowness, greedy dirtiness
Giving clowns air for the love of fame
And trite spectators watch the show
Eating their bread with a lousy smirk
All done in a twisty way
All thick with unctuous clay
All the same, all the same
Joyous delusion ruling the day
Light the eyes, wet the tongue
Bleachy dolls smiling in your face
Burn the screen, toss the chips
TV nerd is shaking in a blissful state
But who am I to judge the life?
Laying with a book in a tidy bed
Just smoke the pipe and drink the rum
Consulting my pillow this is my best

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