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What's wrong, heaven doesn't help us, how long will it last?
Why the happiness thread was such a thin thread?
I'm far away, it's far away, strange morning is together with me
Why it isn't so easy? it seems that I'm not myself
Cold wind
Tears tears away from my face
And only stars know that
No, you aren't in my past, you are the dearest
You are everything that I want
Your look it's not enough for me, I'm tired of waiting
You are the one I haven't met
But I'm waiting for you
You couldn't, I couldn't,we couldn't stifle the fire
I can't, it's not easy to carry a stone in place of the heart
We couldn't let it go, love doesn't die
It's not easy - not to love, and it's more difficult to forget

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"Shady Lady"

Ani Lorak (Ані Лорак) lyrics