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Pin You All - lyrics

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The table sits facing me in total silence
Your attitude sucks, yes, the bastard lies
I've lost the fate in you
The morning's only getting worse
Is it working for you?
Yes, the bastard lies
This is what I call a dead end road
Here's my perfect world you once adored
Your eyes glued to my face keep staring
Your attitude sucks, yes, the bastard lies
They won't save you
I run the castle cause I am the queen
No, they won't save you
I've got the dirt on you
and I'll make a scene
Tell me in detail, I want the names
I will pin you all down, queer your pitch
Cause I am ready to coach
my own special team
You'll be eating your
grandmother's diapers
You will be nude, that's right
the bastard's dead

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