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Payback For The Day We Met You - lyrics

you've got the wrong idea you've got no reason to believe what you are and what you always try to be is wrong and i won't join you fantasy i've got this silly notion you've got something against me problem solved but what you did was truly wrong that's right now i won't put up a fight someday we'll get you packback for the day we met you who you gonna call when your friends are gone this time you'll know what you've done wrong i can't explain your actions i've got no means to understand something's wrong it's something we should talk about you don't know but now i'm left without a doubt there can be no exception there can be no room for debate it's not resolved but i had no plans to get involved that's right now you have got to make it right i don't know if i'd agree what you did it bothers me now won't you tag along yeah hey

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