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The Top Contender - lyrics

go i say choose your best defense if you don't then you fail the test last chance surrender you will render me the top contender try and stop me now that look will not bring me down october thirty-first oooooo i say stop drop turn around did you see how he hit the ground fat chance pretender you will render me the top contender your best seller's not so hot do you even know how much we hate you if you're leaving town don't bother to call or turn around if it's so profound write it down remember everybody hates you even stevens don't rely on public masturbation i say with no scream or shout you have shot me shut me out a dented fender you have rendered me the last contender alright if it's ok too little too late today forget no you remember the defeat of the top contender the weight of obligation without your full attention they will find you guilty by reason of insanity with one more stipulation to our determination it's as you might expect you owe me stop me

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