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I Am In Command - lyrics

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["This is not an anti-religious
Anti-christian nor anti-anything song.
It is about those (hopefully)
Few televangelists
Who prey and profit
On the weak, poor and directionless.
'Command' is narrated by one
Who is under their 'spell'
And one who has just freed himself
From one of these cult-like farces.
I guess those having problems
Should be cautious
About who they turn to these days.
No defence, enemy attack
I'm fighting for my life
They'll slice you to ribbons
You lose all inhibitions
I laugh at the anti-christ
Power of position, deploying ammunition
I'm free from your holy beliefs
Your pockets are bled, to christ you're wed
Gaze at the lost sheep
I am in command
I am in command
I stand in command
All the taking, eyes are waking
To your mass control
Power fades, drunken ways
Creating your own hellhole
Your God cast out, my armaments shout
Your faith is soon null and void
Where's God, paid the church of fraud
Now heaven's left you unemployed
I am in command
I am in command
I stand in command
Moans of the meek, I'm strong, they're weak
I triumph as never before
Stand beside, be string, take pride
Truth comes from the core
My war is fought by those I have taught
And those pledged to be free
I am here in alliance and stand in defiance
Of the church's almighty greed
I am in command
I am in command
I stand in command

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