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Never Neverland - lyrics

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["No not 'Alison hell' part 2!
Yes, another gloomy subject!
Yet another true story!
This is about an unfortunate young girl
Who was locked in a room for half a decade
Just for looking at a boy in a grocery store!
Her guardian, also her grandmother
Felt that the only way
She could protect her granddaughter
From the 'evils and temptations' in the world
Was to confine her to her room 'till eternity.
There is, however, a rather happy end to all this When, during the middle of the song
The police/social workers storm the house
And free the girl from her mental/physical captivity.
She is now on the bright road to recovery
Whilst nanny finds her new home in the sanitarium.
Ps. Clare is a doll!"]
My room is full of toys and things
But filled with nothing new
Just me and clare alone in this
Enchanted, placid room
It's saturday and no more school
There hasn't been for years
She says we're here forever
Till eternity
Our solitude has been disturbed
Clare hold on, don't flee
With open arms they call my name
"oh won't you come with me?"
Get back, back!
Just leave us all alone
Take that and that!
I'll break your every bone
Get back, back!
Just leave us all alone
Take that and that!
I'll break your every bone
Blacking out, poisoned
Colours now decay
Drifting off to never, neverland
Please don't take me away
To never, neverland
No, to the neverland
Time has passed and now I see
What I've lived through
I've got no fears that match the hate
That came from you
It's saturday, I've things to do
I wish you all the best
Now I leave your placid room
Enjoy eternal rest

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Never Neverland

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