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The Demon You Know - lyrics

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I gotta make a change, there's too many things goin' wrong
I'm getting tired of the routine, it's always the same old song
I'm not getting much sleep, having trouble paying my bills
There's only one thing that I really need but they say it kills
You try to run, try to hide
It doesn't matter where you go
It's all around, it's inside
The demon you know
Give it up, don't fight the feeling
Come along, I know you want some more
Well you might just win the battle
But I'm always gonna win the war
I think it might be what I'm drinking but maybe just a little too much
It hasn't been even twenty-four hours and I need my crutch
I can't stop the pacing, sweat pours off my sleeve
My heart is racin' and I can't breathe
And you better believe it's a war and a tough one to win
But if you really want it, maybe with some help
You can beat this, yes, you can
I think I got this beat now
I'm all done the purge but there'll be no time for celebration
I'm really gonna have to fight the urge and resist the temptation

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