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Transcending the black forest
Step by step
Following the dark instructions
Of arquel
I stray in these green quicksands
Quench my bunger
With some savage pigs
As sylvester sprites
Run around me
They toy with me and say i will never leave
I captured one to
Stop this masquerade
The begged for mercy
Cried its people's guilt
And their doomed fate
Caused by a lion-snake
Help us seek and
Kill this bad omen
Still unlock
The doors of the exit
Started my hunt my bow
In my left hand
Never been confronted
To such a monster
As i saw this endless body
Twirling round a trunk
Wounded bleeding beast
Steeing and surrounded
And trapped
As i draw the bow but it shifts
Shift blurred shape
The angel is hiding the snake
Pure grey lamb
Possessed by a lion
Consenting puppet
I'm sorry amryl i'm doomed
And the sprites have to pay for
Me, it's my burden. But drink,
Drink and rest, my mirror is yours,
My house, me, and you're mine
Oh mother
Forgive my soul my departure
The tears on your cheeks
But my only guide
Is my instinct now
I cannot even try to flee
Endless dream
Madness cries its scream
Unknown frontier
Pleasure or pain and tears
Wet by shame
Used for an inversed tape
Surrealist scene,
Will i ever wake up
Shift blurred shape
The angel is hiding the snake
Pure grey lamb
Doomed mirror's mine
Blood will open the gates

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