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Lost In Time And Space (feat. Arjen Anthony L.. - lyrics

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(Kyrie Eleison
For aeons he rules
From atop R’lyeh the Dead
For aeons he slept
Now his prison is to break)
As he floats still
In this higher dimension
Feigning his indecision
He looks back one last time
To all that made he was him
To all that made his own life
Now the Ultimate Gate attracts him
Sucks him in to a never-return path
Now he sees all the lights
And understands it all
Part of cosmos design
He now rules underworld
But among all this might
There’s a vision of horror
All in One and One in All
He’s facing Yog-Sothoth !
He feels his identity fleeing
He is no one now, erased from memories
From history of men
RC : "I am part of it now
I understand the true nature
Of the universe
I can affect the course of time
I can even... move the stars!
They won’t be aligned anymore
And He will be trapped forever! "
You must leave when you love
And he loved this Earth
Despite all its flaws
Disembodied astral form
He is now, to save us all
Lost his life
He has lost his soul
But Great Old Ones
Will sleep once more

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