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The Melancholy of R.C. - lyrics

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(feat. Arjen Anthony Lucassen)
He once had dreams of the unknown
When he was ten years old, or so
Strange and ancient cities around
Faraway gardens with 2 suns above…
Life gets so hollow
Dreams are fading out
Visions become dull
Slowly turn into void
Why did it go?
Fantasy glow
Where glow?
The Gate to his home…
He hates men for what they’ve done
Cutting him from delusions
From where he really belongs
Then one night came the revelation
Locked in a mystic carved oak box
The key to the lands he had lost…
Longing sensation
Psychic ascension
Prophetic visions
Remnants of strange aeons
Why did it go?
Fantasy glow
Where glow?
The Gate to his home…
Read too much things as they are
Talked with too many people
All is now too logical
Wonder’s gone out of the world
Why did it go?
Fantasy glow
Where is the way?
To the dreamlands
There are twists of time and space,
of vision and reality,
which only a dreamer can divine
All is clear, he needs to find
The Snake Den from his childhood
Where the mighty gate there lies
To use the key, to embrace his youth
Embrace my youth…

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