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Trinity (The New Consensus) - lyrics

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Back behind the scene of mankind
The curtain went finally down
This time the script was out of mind
The pain's barely tolerable
Loved this body and its life
(Where are you now ?)
Its view of things the way it used to move,
Its smiles and cries
The pawn will soon be sent back down
(Sick of being a pawn)
My memories of you dissected and taken out
Whose fault is it now ? It doesn't matter, right ?
This world and the other one are rotten to spine
Wait and sit on my left or right,
In my bible both are quite equal
My own consensus will arise, a new god at last
Please lord god
Help your poor lamb
To find in him the
1) Strength to carry on
2) Faith to keep it up
So this is now fallen angels arise
Born from this rancor against the one
I watch you from above
I can feel your aura
Do you feel mine ?
The astral gate's between us
The strength to break it...
... Is inside us...
Vision of the celestial worship...

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