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Tokyo for Miko - lyrics

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I am awake in the sunshine
I am awake in the night
I've been looking for answers
I've been looking for lies
We go we go we go
We go we go
I've been leading a blood sport
I've been leading a life
for hours for days for months for years
I've been looking at pictures
And the licks that she likes
and the boys in the band
and the boys that she loves
I've been making excuses
cuz the soozer is not right
and the air ticket is expensive
so Ive been working day n night
For me to go go go go
To Tokyo for Miko
To Tokyo for Miko
I wanna touch you but you won't go there
what if I got down there and
what if I like you cuz you're japanese
and you remind me of a guy I knew
oh oh oh, uuuh to Tokyo for
To Tokyo Miko, To Tokyo for Miko
And we go, we go and we go
and we go, and we go, we go
and we go, we go, and we go
we go, and we go and we go

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