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They say reality is an illusion
We all create our own
So who is right or wrong?
Yes, I am still searching for the truth
When did you stop looking?
Where did we go wrong?

Every time you create a problem
You have the remedy
The same old strategy
I ate the red pill, no turning back
The gloves are off now
Where did we go wrong?
Where did it all go wrong?

For all this time
They've deceived the nations
It always makes me sick
I don't belong here
If I turn off, then engage me please
Count my heartbeat ...
Where did we go wrong?

Molded to fit into a system
A brain-dead society
No questions being asked
Our minds are bent
Raise your fists and yell
"Power to the sheeple!"
Where did we go wrong?

The fruit of my imagination
A blessing or a curse
I'm a stranger in a plastic nation
Stuck in reverse
Take a look from my perspective
It's so obvious to me
I can't stand this narrow-mindedness
We'll always disagree
We're incompatible

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