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He no longer hears my words, (I'm) leaving without a noise
Now could he ever understand the uncertainty of my choice?
House of ghosts in which we lived will remain a memory
I'd rather take the scars with me than to die in agony
My tears are falling down as I sit wasted, so close, so far
I can see her face, but I can't reach it anymore
And the world has changed that day, the whispering of past will claim
Something that I'm not...
The thorns of rose won't sting no more one last piece of my aching core
Writings in the sands of times veiled by moments of our lies
I've never bent my head to fate, but this step is my ultimate
Nothing ever on the mend
You won't ever comprehend
We are only barren minds
Running forever, falling whenever our past scratches the door
Sitting there wasted, once I have tasted sorrow of her silent soul

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