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Outer Calm, Pain Within - lyrics

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I see the sun and I feel joy again
Tell me where does this heavenly peace come from?
It's the only chance to rid my soul of pain
To control my life, to let it be done
I can't remember when I was happy last time
Before all my life went down
And I know it won't last long
This state of mind
I'm saying goodbye to you but it's so hard
I'm greeting the end, awaiting there
Six feet under cold windowpane
Outer calm, pain within
chosen as victim of an everlasting torment
It's too late to say, this farewell
Is too fast, but my act will tell
I'm whispering one last prayer on the sill
The moment of truth beyond free will
No, I'm losing control
Forsaken by limbs (I'm) falling back inward
The circle of fate controlling all hard
(I've) tried so many times to escape the curse
Reality shattering in bizarre curves
Outer calm, pain within
Chosen as victim of never-ending torment

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Outer Calm, Pain Within

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