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Something to Die For - lyrics

Night comes so slowly
And you are really sad
We're telling softly
That you can’t forget
Everyone in this life
is gonna hurt you,
Because it is a big strife
but we know what to do
game isn’t over
And you must repeat
Dreams could be above
And you will do it!
Song in your head
Makes you cry
eyes are red
So let’s go with us
To this journey
Please close your eyes
and you'll feel
New sunrise
you will always see
all eternity
You can be strong and very bold
It's doesn't matter if you’re young or old
you have to make a right choice
and you will feel the Joy
And you will have another chance
The world will look at you with a different glance
Believe us - all these things shall be
Your dreams come true
trust us we'll show
А new right way
Where you should go
and soon you will feel
a real power
finally you'll gain
all you want
and we'll go away
Cause it will be the end
of this journey

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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