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As misty silence drives me wild
I'm heading for blood.
For one who's running through the night
My autumn rain crawls.
My madness bursts from open veins –
Tears of denial.
Sun falls down,
Bleeding for twilight,
Ripped by shadows of dead!
As we creep from the darkness
We groan.
Thy immortal shadows –
The swarm.
All alone in the desert
Of fears you are, when the reaper is near –
With the scythe in your back
You fall to your knees!
Obsessed, gone insane!
Deceived, hold my own.
The mist is my robe,
Darkness is where I dwell.
I creep through the night
The Lord of the damned.
Your Death's by my side –
If I could break this cell!!!
As misty silence drives me wild
I rush for my sake –
For one, who's running through the night
To see, who I am.
My tears break out of open veins
I'm standing the trial.
Dawn is near
Moon is howling for me...

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