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Escape from nowhere –
The place you dwell in decay!
As far as your lust
Is caged within this sutured wound
Your human nature prevails!!!
The pulse is distinct,
But the vital spark is fading…
Lost for conversation,
Unable to believe.
Forget if you can,
But dare not forgive –
The oscillation of a pendulum
Will set the record straight!
Tear the visions apart
With nails deep in your skin,
Release from the past
With every drop you bleed,
Devote to hate!
Unleash the pain!
Walking treacherous path
Down to raging deep,
Feeling yet untamed!
Living thousand years
Trapped by phantom fears –
Now it’s time to rebel!
Yet confused and sick
But the seed has burst,
Let them reap what they’ve sown!
Battered half to death,
Licking septic wounds,
Rest in peace is what you wish no more!
Devouring passion to explore
Behind the masks of good and foul!
Enthroned duality –
The root of all morality
Imposed to suppress and control!!!
Under the same Sun
So different and so alone we stand,
Breathing the same air
That feeds our antagonistic minds.
Some say their truth is overwhelming and makes them stronger,
But they are trapped between their factitious concepts of truth and lie…
Tend to be alone –
Protective functions fail!
Read error message on every single grave.
Explore, dig in –
The catch will never worth the chase –
Another landmark!
Burn it down to the core
And blow the ash away.
If death is real,
Your life can’t be a fake!
Take it in,
Live it out!
Until death greets you warm!

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