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The Last Drops of Sanity - lyrics

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The fall begins to where I used to be! Forevermore
The last drops of sanity are slipping through my fingers…
The one who knows his fate,
A mouse in a labyrinth…
Is it me? Or is it what I am not?
The failed experiment? The gift I must be grateful for?
The only thing I hate is
Pity they feel for me!
Another piece of this brilliant mind
Has been erased –
You’ll never know how much it hurts!
The life remains the same to me –
Retard or genius,
I’m out of your world!
What the hell are you staring at me?
I’m not the one you saw the day before!
Why do you tell all these things to me?
Seems like I knew it all a minute ago…
So devastating it feels…
Can only hope that I’ll forget what I loose.
My sudden genius was scaring you, but it seems
The fool is not the one you will choose…
The truth is in my eyes –
What more could one ask for?
When I was standing in a crowd
But still alone and lost,
I never wished to be a new-born hand-made God –
I wished to be with you forevermore!!!

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