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“Chaos will sweep the world, evil herds will roam
I am darkness, prepare for my coming as I return to rule”
“So it was written, in the scrolls of Hyrulle centuries ago
Now the time is here, the dark clouds gather in the distance
As the boy mounts his horse desperate to reach his father’s castle
Before it is too late”
He rides like the wind there is no time to waste
Across desert fields once covered in trees
This beautiful land that he knew as a child
Now a wasteland of evil, haunted by creatures of the night
There is no time to waste now
You got to move on through the night
Raise your sword, feel the anger. Through sorrow and pain,
There’s nothing to gain
You got to keep on moving on through the night
Feel the fear inside
You got to run, run for your life
He enters the gate with tears in his eyes
He knows he’s too late there’s no one alive
Too tired to run he stands to face the enemy
The night is too quiet he’s not alone
His tears turns to ice his fears have all gone
He draws his sword prepared to die fighting
Then out of the shadows the come all the beasts
Surrounding the boy with razor sharp teeth’s
The boy raise his sword screaming in vengeance
You’ll pay for your evil with blood on my blade
He fought like a hero but the prize paid was high
When the last head fell he knew he would die
And as he fell down in the blood he has shed
The dark lord appeared hear what he said
Aren’t you a brave one but all was in vain
You wiped out my army but I’ll come again

“Then with the last of his strength the boy threw his sword
And the dark lord screamed as it pierced through his heart
And as he disappeared the young boy closed his eyes
And died”

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