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Cryosphere - lyrics

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No eyes fall on glaciers
Ever held in winter's caress
The ceaseless expanse of earth
Cased in ice
None remain – Nothing stands
Still, all we held true now gone
Our constant hunger for more and more
Let another bear the burden
As we burn and forget
Encase in ice – Halt all
Blacken the sun – Pole to pole
Frozen wasteland – Cryosphere extend
The guilty long since dead
The pain of blame
Fuel the combustion chamber
Our bias too great
No perspective or incentive
Fading freedom dreams
The true fossils our minds
Extremes extend as flows cease
Burn and freeze life away
Arid and glacial wastelands collide
A sphere where only ice can prosper
Flee the frozen lands
Where only death holds sway
Regardless how we shift the blame
We are bound to pay
Sentenced and bleeding
Lifeblood glacial
Deceased and frozen in snow
Cataclysmic defeat for aeons to reign
No eyes fall on glaciers
No one will witness our end

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