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Quad Damage - lyrics

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Contenders – arm yourselves
Spectators – come take your seats
Referee – sound your voice
The match has begun – place your bets
In this game that defies reality
Death is not the end
Pile foe on foe, die time and again
Till you win the love and praise of the masses
With the correct application of force
I can crush every single foe
Four times the carnage, four times the fun
Half a minute – I rule the killing field!
Quad Damage
Win the sign – win the game
Magnify force – multiply death
The corpse stack grows tenfold
Bodies re-spawn on top of their bones
The sound of the battle drowned in the roar
Of exalted viewers eager for blood
For money, women power and fame
Through slug and shrapnel I rip my way
A private war of greed and vanity
All in the name of entertainment
Quad Damage
The symbol of dreams fulfilled and broken
The dividing line between win and loss
There are only winners and losers
Such are the rules we’ve made for ourselves
I’m a madman in a mad world
Playing the game as it’s been wrought
With the correct application of force
I’ll be the top freak of this freak show
Four times the slaughter, four times the fame
Half a minute in blood red stagelight
Stop thinking
Justification I do not need
To hell with reason, to hell with all
Honor is dead – there’s only war
All I need is another bullet
Another kill, another win
In the darkness of ignorance
Under the sign of triumph so sweet
Quad Damage
The drive of every man made solid
My past, present, future and life

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