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Cancer of the Mind - lyrics

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Cancer of the mind
Every word they said
Just cannot be justified
Grinding down
Away at my faith
Do I have the will to live?
A cold sign of the times
Is it wrong of me
To contemplate a homicide?
If God hates me
I’ll hate him back
And take seven steps forward
Towards de-evolution
So the truth is what they wish to hide
In a world where people should be free
From my torment
The brick road that I see
Is not yellow, it’s black
And full of misery
Yet I have no place else to go
‘cos they’ll spit back in my face
So as the path unwinds
My disgust for them
Permeates an endless sky
Like a storm that just gets worse
I challenge the darkness
And try to break free from this curse
So the truth is what they wish to hide
In a world where people should be free
And I guess it’s true, in trust we die
In a whirlwind raging with deceit
I keep the demons inside my soul
I keep the murders, I can’t let go
Of hatred for the people
That I thought I knew
Silence is the beast inside
The door that’s closed in the back of my mind
The part of me that is ready to die
When their betrayal lines up with my eyes
When I feel incomplete
And my shadow will never retreat
Deep inside I died on a cross
For the faults of my own
That I cannot beat
They tortured my soul
I searched for some meaning in life
I stuck to the fight
All this has been in vain
And it’s hard to start again
I step inside the eyes of time
The world, it turns
And churns another crime
Another empty year has passed
I have regrets, too much I wish to ask
And it eats at me like cancer of the mind

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