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The Fiery Spirit - lyrics

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Et imago hec dicebat:
Ego summa et ignea vis
Que omnes viventes scintillas accendi
Et nulla mortalia efflavi sed illa diiudico ut sunt
Circueuntem circulum cum superioribus pennis meis
Id est cum sapientia circumvolans recte ipsum ordinavi
Sed et ego ignea vita divinitatis super
Pulcritudinem agrorum flammo
Et in aquis luceo atque in sole, luna et stellis ardeo
And the figure spoke thus :
I am the great and fiery power
Who has kindled every living spark
And extingguished nothing mortal -
For I judge these things as they are
In circling circles with my upper wings
(That is, with Wisdom)
I fly around, ordaining all things rightly
And I am also the beatiful fields
And I glow in the water
And I burn in the sun, the moon and the stars

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