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I Am the Storm - lyrics

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All my life I have been a pariah, an outcast
Sailing on, crossing oceans while cursing the shore
Forsaken and ignored
The choices I made
The pride that I paid
All that I gave was all in vain
In silence I've suffered, awaiting the tide
I've waited so long but now it is time
Alive, I'll rise stronger than before
Through the wind and through the rain
I have found my way
Tonight the skies are darker than before
Come rain, come fear and pain
Now you are the ship lost at sea and I'm the storm
I've arrived like a tempest of hate, raging
You shall learn you will pay for your sins and you learn
All you love will burn
I am the wind, I am the rain
I am the anger, I'm the pain
Like ire of the oceans I reign over thee
My siren of vengeance show me the way

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