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Deus Vult - lyrics

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[Hebrew singing]
I awake in this darkened room
Strange vision of the sacred land
The call of this city is getting clearer
Appealing to me from beyond the sands
At the gates of the sacred land
Burning my soul from the inside
Relieving one another
Unified to face unbelievers
We heard our brothers suffering
The holy land must be purified
Spilling the blood, dying for God
The lord and father are our leaders
Deus Vult
Such is the will of God
Destroy this axis of evil they feed
Deus Vult
Death for the glory of God
It's worth the cost to sacrifice this breed
The words were spoken loud and clear
Retrieve the holy land
Waging war and breeding hate
Ignoring our mothers cries
Enhance your faith with reason
Turn your hate into sand
Face the fate and be the change
Now you start to realize

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