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Prolegomena of a Warfare State - lyrics

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I will unveil you a world you have never known
I will reveal those secrets nobody has known
I will entrust you with my words of hate
Out of my mouth, right into your veins.
I am the hierarchy of myself
The whole which makes the nought
The 'A' which changes to 'Z'
The undead dying his death.
I am the Nil embracing All
The boundless boundary
The circle turning line
A truth disguised as fake.
May my trustworthy ambiguity mislead you to the right path
And help you on the unsafe route deep into my world.
My confidence will turn your confusion into pieces of wisdom
Reassembling the whole picture to suit my taste.
Follow these rules. Follow my words
And of people I will make you be the first.
The chosen race- the chaos breed
Dreaming the dreams that dreamers never dreamt.
I will be the king, the leader, the prophet, the
You, chosen race
I, forever master
Kiss my ass!
Spit in the face of pity, abide by no fucking law
Scorn whatever measure is there to limit thee.
Imprisoned in my kingdom set your spirit free.
Let the tide flow down on your enemies
Let it crush them all!
Uncontrolled and unpredictable,
Thousands of plagues on their heads let fall!
Starting from the last chapter
back to the roots of the end.
You will rise to a new millennium
Falling on your knees.
Primo: percute
Atque impetus tuum eloquendi habitur sit.
Secondo loco:cogita
Sed tantum ut id quod fecisti gustes
Princeps, dux, rex ero
Et ut tu pleus populum aliorum,
Ita ego profecto tui non misere bor.

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