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In the houses of the holy
Where the angels never `ve been
Their sacrifices are powered by a lie
Where the man singed by a halo
And the truth is named a sin
They`re out of law and cheaters never die
Time to leave this holy land
Time to rip out all this painfull worries
Let us take us by the hand
Find our way to our only blaze of glory
When I feel here comes a dead end
And I´m down just like a lame
It`s like hang out and I`m falling
And I´m reaching out for helping, helping hands
Then they come to take advantage
Of my weakness and my shame
They say oh Lord show him a new page
Where he could sing forever and a day
When your mind is in deep agony and
You feel like losing control
Then they came like a fly
So burn
Burning like fire
Wipe out your desire
There`s no need for reservation
`Couse they find you by a snip, yeah
And they catch by desperation
From the cradle to the grave
There`s no doubt
They need no permission
All is allowed
To break the souls of the damned

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Master of Pain