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Dust to Dust - lyrics

As humans, start to bear
The crown of life and
Break the rule
They lost their faith to
The spoken word and
Find out the truth
That every day of living
Is a gift and the day will come
When blackness behind
The eyes of death
Will reach for your soul
Same kind of fate
They're always
Being too late for the final
Reclaim of immortality
It starts with a lightning
A flame in a chest
Dust to dust
Forever the same way
From the cradle to the grave
Dust to dust
A tightrope walk
Go for progress or defined security
How to find the best way
For a future life in peace
And get rid of mistaken pride
Because we are all the same
We have to realize our short time
Is for the next breed
In the end it is useless
To prepare for eternity
Because who knows
What awaits us?
After we take our last breath
All the pain, sacrifices, promises
For a place in heaven
Lead to loss of respect for
Human life, all kind of life

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