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Draconis Infernvs - lyrics

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Harvest the crop of darkness, that were once seed. 
Seed indeed, by force, by the 13. Warlocks in disguise. 
Loyal for the ring destroyer, they hailed the new age. 
Flaming sparkles and moon mist for the son of a predator. 
Blood-drinkers and mencutters are once again gathered 
by the minions of the prince of shadows now reborn, 
when the balefires catches the sky and the bells toll, 
behold, behold the rising evil of draconis infernvs. 
It is the morning of new malevolent time, 
inverted season of hell. 
No borders left, slavery and death 
for the lambs of christ, 
Christ denied!!! 
Under the iron fist of antichrist, 
(there's) no mercy for the weak, no light is left. 
Consume the dark spirit of wrath, 
bleed now for the reborn child of satan. 

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