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Strong Hands - lyrics

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You wrapped a noose around my neck.
What do you know about the world crashing down around you?
Look me in the eyes when you push me off.
Your own flesh and blood, I was never good enough.
I tried so hard to be everything you wanted me to be.
My skin turned black and my tears went red.
I never thought it would come to this.
Every night I spent waiting for you to come back.
Life was easy until it came crashing down.
You said, "I hope you rot," and that's when I told myself
I'd take your fucking life and burn all these memories,
the lies and every time I fell for it.
And for once I won't be the one screaming out for help.
Just because you brought me into this world doesn't mean a fucking thing.
If you could look me in the eyes, what would you say?
Transparent eyes like the bottom of your bottle.
You'll fucking pay for all the things you've done.
Would you take back all the things you said?
Every fist you threw, I'm fucking ruined.
Time does not heal everything. Stop me, stop me.
Once I have started I will not stop.
You will regret all the lies that you have wrought.
Please try and run, I will embrace the chase.
February 12th, you won't forget this day.
My hands are stained with the blood of a man
Who could not be a father to his own fucking son.

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Strong Hands