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I'm the captain of the U-29229 during the Great War
We have sunk lots of allied ships
One of our victims was stuck to our submarine
He had drowned
We found in his pocket a carved stone
where we threw him overboard I swear
he opened his eyes and gazed at us with derision
Then a curse has fallen upon this craft
Many sailors have disappeared
many of them have gone mad
many think they see the blue
and swelled corpses of our enemies
following us into the depths of the sea
An explosion has disabled our submarine controls
drifting towards the south
The few crews that remain have mutinied
They want to surrender to the allies
and they want me to throw the stone away
It's become my duty to do away with them all
I don't want to fall into the enemies hands
The current has dragged us to the abyssal depths
where surprisingly there is a temple!
I am amazed at the perfection of these buildings
and I can perceive resemblances
with the figure on the stone
With no doubt this must be part of the lost Atlantis
No more energy...
I have been without light for days
I despair...
I know that it's just a matter of time
that the air is gone and I die
That's why I'm writing these lines
I will put them in a bottle
I will throw it into the sea...
I hope someone will pick it up
Suddenly I think I see
a flickering radiance in the temple
Today I feel something new in my heart
The temple is calling me and drawing me closer
I know that I don't have much oxygen
but if I have to die I will die there
Maybe finally I've become crazy
My obsession for the figure has driven me to it
The temple forces me to go
Whatever I try to do I can't resist
No more energy...
I have been without light for days
I despair in my last hours
I'm going to go outside with the diving gear
I know what that means, but I have no fear
I will die placid in the black and forgotten depths
where no man is left behind
And this demonic laughter which I hear as I write comes only from own weakening brain

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