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Hawthorns for the Jotunn's Harlot - lyrics

The sounds of her heart diminish,
Screams in the wind now hush
Silence, it sleeps on her red-stained chest,
And yet, I caress
Where she now lies
In sombre submission,
Oh, so willing, spread open wide
Her limp arms entwined
'Round mine as I bind
Our tongues, in a kiss,
Together! a bliss
So close here we lie,
While mounting I sigh
With a stench of promises
Her blood permeates the air
Skies open and gleam
In a colour of rust,
The thorns on the tree
Tear her alabaster bust
Rain sets on her face like sweat,
It still seems scarlet
Along to the beat
Of my nocturnal pulse of heat
"Hawthorns for the Jotunn's harlot!"
Her gown was so thin
With the pale flesh within,
Against the moon
Like a deceased hue
Too drunk on lust to help it
I just had to slit
And do my best to corrupt
Now all I do is stare...
I can trace the broken veins
On her neck like languid vines:
I must have strangled her
With her own hair
Wound 'round her throat three times
The gaping chest
And crudely severed breast
Knives and cuts and tell-tak hearts,
I turn to walk away
From the mort that stays
In the hay and say:
"Farewell, my love
Let the forest
Have the harlot."

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