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Naglfahr Lounge Music - lyrics

Their macabre omnipresence
And the pallor of their flesh surrounds
Like a perfume of suffocation
In these deceased carnal woods
Life's horrifying absence,
The way this silence dances
And Her savage words of the end of time
Satisfy our thirst for chaos
We shall sail beside death
Grinding the hones of our own
We shall sail beside death
And enter the world of burning time
I can hear them hissing
All around me
I can feel them crawling
Under my feet
Tell me the secrets
Of the forgotten ones
Let me cut the runes
In eternal stones
Carrying corpses
Under His wings
Biting away
The skin of the Ash
I have walked these haunted hallways
Leading to Hel's eternal embrace'.
"Their flesh is peeled
Their pestilence revealed
Veins full of vermin
Minds full of smears
Hearts in ruins
Empty, ashen stares...
The dead, eerie cries
Aghast in the night."
And join me
In this uprising
For what have the locusts left behind
But this barren existence
In Nifelheim

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